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Return and Exchange terms

Return and Exchange policy

 Dear Customer, We would like to inform you that the return or replacement of any unwanted and unused product will be happy to fulfill your wishes in the medical care systems company, please review our replacement and return policy.

Cancelling order

Cancellation of the application by the medical care systems, reserves the right to cancel the request for any of the following reasons:

Payment failed

If the delivery address given by the customer is wrong or the contact information is wrong or the inability to reach the customer.

The customer / client is not present or delayed from receiving the order for more than 7 days to receive his online payment (online) for the "receiving from the office" service.

The customer / customer is not present or delayed for more than 48 hours to receive his request when he chooses to pay in the exhibition for the "receiving from the site" service.

The customer is more than (1) one hour late from paying through a payment system.

Customer cancellation: To continue with the order cancellation process, you must contact us first. You can cancel your order for any of the following reasons:

If the order is not delivered or shipped to you.

Mismatch of specifications and their coverage of the main points of interest.

There is a defect or defect in the product.

Refund, exchange and refund

e consumer has the right to return in the event that the specifications do not match and include the main points that are important to be aware of or if there is a defect in the product, you can, within (3) days of receiving the product, request a "request to return the payments / product" to return the product to the medical care systems. In the event of a factory defect or a technical malfunction during the replacement period, please contact customer service via 920004438 and report the malfunction so that we can address the agent to send a technician from his side and report to us, and you will be contacted within 48 hours of the arrival of the report and for faster service,

In the event that the amount paid by credit card is retrieved, the customer must address the bank, and the company is not responsible for the period of recovery of the amount for the customer’s account.

 In the event that the product is returned due to a defect in the product, a defect from the manufacturer, or as a result of damage during the delivery of the product, or because of incorrect / wrong delivery of the product, no additional service charge or bank transfer fee will be charged. In the event of a return for other reasons, (the customer needs to change the product or the customer’s desire has changed in general), the customer is charged with the value of upload and download at 2% of the value of the bill with a minimum of 100 riyals.

When preparing to return the product, the product must be in its original condition, with all accessories, instruction manual, and original packaging. We do not accept returns of products that are scratched or damaged by misuse or malfunction due to the use of a mismatched voltage. We reserve the right to accept returns for products that do not meet the above criteria.

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