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Brand: Kolln
MAIN CATEGORYFood Supplement SUB-CATEGORYBee Q2  Royal JellyDESCRIPTIONRoyal Jelly, Propolis, Pollen And Vitamin E.Bee Q2 Provides 3850 Mg Of Royal Jelly, Equal To 100 Mg Of Propolis, 550 Mg Of Pollen And 10 Mg Of Vitamin E Per Vial.BENEFITSVitamin E Helps Protect Cells Against Oxidat..
232.30 SAR
Brand: Kolln
ProductRubin Collagen C bottles for joints.It is produced by Rubin, the Spanish company.To enjoy complete comfort for your joints.What is collagen?It is a group of amino acids and proteins available naturally in the body.It is found in large quantities in hair, skin, and bones.Responsible for skin e..
389.85 SAR
Brand: Kolln
For Long and Strong Hair, Greorin C does Care• Greorin C contains Collagen Type I: 10g.• Collagen Type I is a bovine drinkable collagen.• Collagen Type I helps in alopecia.• Collagen Type I simulates hair thickening.• Collagen Type I gives hair a shiny look.• Greorin C contains a combination of W..
425.50 SAR
Brand: Kolln Model: نشيط 2000
Nashit 2000 juice, Active Juice 2000 Royal Jelly Drink 20 Bottles 10 mlRoyal Jelly is a tonic, stimulant for physical performance and general health improvement.Ginseng contains ginsenosides or panaxosides (phytosetrogen) which elevates the mood, Improves psychophysical performance and sexual disor..
173.65 SAR
Brand: Kolln
A high source of Vitamin D3 Product Description:Oral Drops for prevention and treatment of Rickets and osteomalaciaVitamin D3 (cholecalciferol (200 IU) / drop, corresponds to (Nutrient Reference Value) in Europe. One 20ml bottle (approximately 400 drops) contains 80,000 IU of Vitamin D3• The fu..
11.50 SAR
Brand: Kolln
Oraclair Gel for the treatment of infections of the mouth and gumsOracure Gel Oraclear Gel for the treatment of gingivitis and stomatitisThe mouth is used in the mouth and what is used in chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  It contains hydrochloride 2 grams per 100 grams of Oracure gel and stearyl ..
79.00 SAR
Brand: Kolln
Cranberry juice prevents urinary tract infections.Concentrated Carnberry Juice have useful ingredients for the body can help combat urinary tract infections and maintain kidney and bladder health.    Preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs). Some research shows that drinking cranberry ju..
159.85 SAR
Brand: Kolln
Rubin Le Visage Plus Drinkable Skin Collagen 30 BottelsThe highest Concentration of collagen type 1 and a group of vitamins and minerals that improves the functions of the skin , increase the thickness , increase the hardness of the skin and reduces the cellulite and signs of pregnancy and weight lo..
411.70 SAR
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