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Brand: Aeon Model: FACE SHIELD
COTISEN FF04 MEDICAL FACE SHIELD Face Shield Anti-fogThe Cotisen FF04 Medical Face Shield or Visor has a comfort sponge foam forehead strip and a retaining head band. For use during medical examinations and treatments. Designed to effectively protect the wearer’s face from cross-infection, spla..
9.00 SAR Ex Tax:9.00 SAR
Brand: Aeon Model: Goggles
COTISEN Safety Goggles for Eye Potection Anti-fog with Uiversal Fit, Safety Glasses Provides Clear Vision with UV ProtectionAnti-Fog Coating coatingAnti-Fog Design: four vents and anti-fogg coating lenses, crystal Ying's transparent visual effect can prevent fog, which provide a high-definition visu..
18.00 SAR Ex Tax:18.00 SAR
Brand: Aeon Model: Infrared Thermometer Model: A200
Infrared Thermometer Model:A200Feature:Quick response for getting result within 1 second.Use quality sensor for High accuracy measure.Large LCD backlight display.℃ and ℉ are easily convertible.Three color of screen indicate temperature levelAutomatically power off after 30s if left it on still25 gro..
420.00 SAR 225.00 SAR Ex Tax:225.00 SAR
Brand: Aeon Model: اجهزة
Features:Support 6 display modes(include big font mode)Lightweight and easy-to-useColor OLED simultaneously displays testing value and plethysmogramAdjust the parameters in friendly menuManually adjust the direction of interfaceLow battery voltage indicatorVisual alarm functionAutomatically switch o..
199.00 SAR 170.00 SAR Ex Tax:170.00 SAR
Brand: Aeon Model: عرض
Sterilizers set with thermometer non contact ..
320.00 SAR 205.00 SAR Ex Tax:205.00 SAR
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